White Mountain Foods




We are WMFoods Company.

We are a family owned and operated Online Meat Company that does home deliveries!


Pinetop-Lakeside Arizona. 7,000’ in the snowy mountains we were born on 04/20/2020. 

We are definitely a COVID baby.

It was no joke when our founder “Preston Wilkening” was laid off 04/01/2020..

Two days later Preston took his severance check bought the last chest freezer at Lowe’s put it in the bed of his pick up truck, wired a power inverter into the truck and started a Food Distribution Company.

White Mountain Foods, LLC


Taking COVID-19 head on from the start of the pandemic, we are definitely here to stay.


We specialize in the distribution of Frozen Meats! 


We will deliver ANYWHERE in The State Of Arizona.

Looking to further our reach internationally!


Now Accepting EBT Cards!

 We are just regular people who care, working with the utmost integrity.We offer wholesale product normally only available for restaurant and pass the savings onto our customers.

Our meat plant is inspected 24 hours a day by the USDA to insure quality and care.

Arizona's #1 Choice For Premium Meat

Bringin It To You At Home

AWhite Mountain Food, LLC