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Are you a beef lover? If so, our T-Bone variety package will amaze you by it’s taste and freshness. If your freezer has limited space and you want to keep beef every time in your list then this variety T-Bone Box is the best option for you. In this box you will get 44.5 oz of beef meat with 6 types of pieces of meats. These meats are best for steak, grill and so on with your lovely friends and family.

  • 6 Strip Beef Steak – 60z
  • 4 T-Bone – 140z
  • 8 Peppercorn Beef Steak – 4.5oz
  • 8 Fillet of Beef Medallions – 4oz
  • 4 Bistro Chicago Style Delmonico Steak – 11oz
  • 12 Ground Beef Steaks – 50z

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